Pittsburgh Fandom


When it comes to allegiances in a persons life, there is no stronger allegiance than ones favorite sports team. For me, my greatest hobby and passion comes from Pittsburgh Steelers football. With both sides of my family being lifelong residents of the Steel City, Pittsburgh Steelers football has been engrained in me since I was young enough to remember. The Steelers represent more than an NFL football team. They embody what the city of Pittsburgh is all about; Blue Collar and Hard-working. The Rooney family, who founded the Steelers in 1933 and currently still own the team, have instilled a strong work ethic and modesty, in all players since the teams’ inception. You will not find this with most teams because they look at the team as a business, and are willing to compromise their values to win games. I have seen many players who decide not to buy into the values that the Steelers represent, and have subsequently been cut from the team (Plaxico Burress, Santonio Holmes, etc.).

My fandom of the Steelers represents more than just a football team for me, as my Pittsburgh-raised parents have tried to instill the same values in me as the Rooney’s do for their players. I can honestly say that this is the same for the rest of the residents of the city. The fans of this team are brought closer than any other NFL fanbase because there is a sense of being able to relate with the players, because both sides have the mentality of accountability and hard work.

I believe that there is no coincidence that the Steelers have the most Super Bowl in NFL history, with 6. Some may say luck, but the Pittsburgh mentality is that “Luck comes when Preparation meets Opportunity”. I will forever have my deepest fan hood with the Pittsburgh Steelers no matter which city I live in, and I know that the values of the organization will never change, as long as the Rooney Family is in charge.

This is what fandom is all about