The 4 Types of Customers

In Sales, there are 4 types of customer types. It is vital to be able to relate to all four personality styles and find a common ground that helps the customer to comprehend the item or service you are trying to sell them.

The first style is The Director. This personality style is demanding and in-charge. They are not interested in small talk, and demand the facts without beating around the bush. One of the most important tools you can utilize in this situation is to compliment their direct style and ability to make the right decision. DO NOT confront the director and make sure you are short and to the point!

The second style is The Analytical. These kinds of customers puts an emphasis on preciseness and accuracy. This style uses data, customer reviews, and comparative research to make their decisions. To be able to sell to this type of customer, be sure to provide the FACTS and do not back down to pressing questions because the right answer to these questions will end up in a positive sale for both sides.

The third style is The Relator. This style puts significance on being apart of something. When trying to sell this type, you must keep in mind that they want to be apart of the decision process and do not like to feel excluded. It is vital to ask opinions from this style, to make sure they feel like they are being valued. The main thing is to make sure they are included, for with the right “relator” you can end up in the right hands with many referrals to come.

The fourth and final type of customer in selling is The Socializer. With this type of sale, it is all about the relationship. The Socializer wants to feel important and tends to give compliments more often than others. You CANNOT approach this style with too many facts too soon, as they will interpret that as you not being personable and may want to find someone who can develop a long lasting relationship with them, rather than just a sale.

Next time you walk into a sales opportunity, make sure to identify the personality type and utilize the tips you just learned to MAKE THE SALE.

Andrew Barnes


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